Program Overview

HIV/AIDS/STI Prevention

HI/AIDS/STI is a major health problem that disproportionately affects vulnerable individuals and communities. This program provides access to comprehensive services such as testing, counseling, primary and secondary care and educational and awareness activities designed to increase knowledge and skills of individuals while reducing the risk for becoming infected or infecting others with HIV or other sexually transmitted infections.

  • Youth of Color HIV/AIDS/STI and Pregnancy Prevention - This program seeks to reduce the risk of HIV/AIDS/STI infection and unintended pregnancy among youth. The goal is to mobilize communities to get involved in the fight against HIV and AIDS. Coming together to promote a message of prevention and empowerment on behalf of young African-Americans.

Chronic Disease Prevention

This program's aim is to achieve and sustain healthy people and healthy communities throughout Suburban Cook County and beyond by promoting disease prevention activities and encouraging healthy lifestyles designed to reduce instances of heart disease, hypertension, cancers, diabetes, asthma, cardiovascular, especially among high-risk minorities and in communities of color.

Youth Development

This program is designed to assist youth with preparing to meet the challenges of adolescence to make a successful transition to adulthood through providing a series of activities that connect youth to activities that increase positive attitudes and enhancing behaviors such as, but not exclusively, motivation, academic performance, self-esteem, problem-solving, positive health decisions, and interpersonal skills while decreasing negative attitudes and compromising behaviors such as, but not exclusively, alcohol and tobacco use and violence.

  • Job Readiness Training and Career Preparation - is aimed to bridge the employment gap for low-income youth by engaging them in a process to better meet their employment and long-term career goals while gaining skills to become more competitive in today’s job market.

  • Youth Inspired and Encouraged in Leadership Development (YIELD) – is aimed to assist youth with increasing their ability to increase self-efficacy and the development of skills relevant to success in adulthood, decision-making, and interacting positively with others.

  • Go-Getters Girls Club - The Go-Getters Girls Club is for underprivileged and at-risk girls and young ladies living in Mason Courts housing complex located in Chicago Heights, IL. The club provides a safe space where young girls and young ladies can grow, learn, have fun and develop the confidence to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others. The aim is to enrich these girls’ lives through education and enhancement of development assets that empower them to achieve self-sufficiency, increased self-esteem, participate in enhancing behaviors instead of comprising risky ones with the overarching goal for transitioning successfully into stable, positive, and productive individuals.

  • Teen Reach – to provide skills surrounding reproductive health and substance abuse that assist youth with understanding it is important not to use alcohol and other drugs and not to be sexually active to reduce risk associated with such risky behaviors.

  • Project Choices (Choosing Healthy Options By Influencing Choices To Enhance Self-Esteem) - This project is designed to meet the much neglected HIV prevention needs of minority youth residing in the south suburbs and to address disparities and gaps in services, especially violence prevention.

Relapse Prevention

  • One Church One Addict - The One Church One Addict Program seeks to prevent substance abuse relapse by providing assistance with the long-term goals of helping chemically dependent individuals maintain a drug-free life. The program provides a safe environment where individuals and their families can address the multi-dimensional problems surrounding substance abuse.
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